Events photography with a difference



Weddings and other religious events

Fashion shows

Dance and theatrical performances

Business events

Sporting events

Product launches

... and much, much more

Unlike most photographers we treat events very much like doing a fashion shoot ... with a large group of models.  So the service we offer goes beyond what you'd normally expect.

Yes, weddings and similar events have a tried and tested format, but it goes so much further than that.

When we get to the reception or the party after the main event ... or if the party is the event, then, subject to available space, we'll set up a studio at the venue.

So, where it is that wedding, or a coming-of-age party, a prom or anything else you can think of, you only have to ask.

Stills and video services available at highly competitive rates.

And at the same time, we'll create those special memories that you cherish for years to come.

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