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Rates (excluding special offers)

Commercial product photography to Amazon's strict image standards* or on a plain coloured background
* Amazon standard:
Digital images supplied to Amazon standard:
  • white background;
  • Item being photographed must occupy at least 85% of the longer dimension;
  • main image must have the item fall wholly within the image boundaries;
  • item being photographed may throw a slight shadow onto the background;
  • item must be a photograph and not a photo-realistic graphic image (exceptions apply);
  • exceptions apply for clothing photographed on a live model.
1. Shoot fees
Amazon standard studio product photography, also suitable for eBay, Etsy and similar sites:
  • No time-cost fee applies.  You pay only for work on the finished edited images.
  • Standard post-production Photoshop work is included in normal reorder prices.
2. Standard extras

You pay ONLY for ancillary services such as models, make-up artiste, advanced post-production Photoshop, and the finished images.  Reorder prices reduce dependent on the quantity of the finished images required and the complexity of the work involved.
As a guide only:
Make-up and styling: £30 ph - £80 ph dependent on level of difficulty.
Model fees depend on specific requirements p.o.a.
Advanced Photoshop work: p.o.a.
Purchase / provision / hire of bespoke equipment, sets and accessories: cost + 15% to cover admin
Child Employment Licences (applies to any UK resident child Year 11 or younger employed for fee-earning commercial work): the licence is free and the studio charges a 30 Euro documentation fee to arrange per licence application.  In France there is no licence requirement, but a chaperone is required in either case and there may be a chaperone fee.
3. Reorder prices
Reorder prices for digital images, excluding ghost mannequin images*, for online use whether on a site like Amazon, or on the client's own website for example, are as follows:

  • Up to five images: 90 Euros / c. £75 (includes lighting set-up time)
  • Images 6 - 10: 12 Euros / c. £10 each;
  • Images 11 - 25: 10 Euros / c. £8.40 each;
  • Images 26 - 50: 7.20 Euros / c. £6 each;
  • Images 51 - 100: 6 Euros / c. £5 each;
  • Images 101 - 250: 4.80 Euros / c. £4 each;
  • Images 251 and onwards: 3.60 Euros / c. £3 each.
Regular contract clients requiring more than one photo shoot, re-enter the price list at the point they left after the previous shoot.  In other words quantities and reorder fees are cumulative on multiple orders.
*Ghost mannequin images for clothing on a mannequin which is then removed in post-production, as in the image to the right, are charged on the above basis + 30% to cover additional editing time.

* Ghost mannequin image

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