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Kids' and teens' model taster offer

The simple offer in a nutshell:
  • A free one hour photo shoot;
  • No obligation to purchase anything;
  • Industry and agency advice;
  • Where to go to get noticed.
Please click here to enquire.

Of the above models one is now registered with a major London agency and walked her first London Fashion Week in 2020 and another was placed with an agency for two years but has since left to pursue a career elsewhere.  Three others have attracted interest from major agencies..  Thank you also to Sussex Youth Theatre.

The detailed offer:

If you think your son or daughter has modelling potential, or is looking to get into stage, screen or TV as an actor or dancer, here's an offer that you could take without any obligation whatsoever:
  • a free one-hour photo shoot in or near Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche (up to a 50 km round trip);
  • if you don't like the photos, you can walk away without paying anything.  You don't have to purchase anything at all.  Remember the photo shoot is FREE up to one hour;
  • and even if you do, five fully edited digital web-ready photos, suitable for use on Spotlight, Mandy, Star Now, Purpleport, Model Kartei, Bookfoto, Focale31 and elsewhere online, (which is all you actually need to get started), will cost you just 90 Euros, c. £75.

Even if you accept the offer of a photo session, but decide not to purchase edited photos, you will get free advice on how the industry works and which legitimate agencies do it, with what types of models and which websites are worth joining, plus information on all the legal aspects of child modeling from someone who regularly works with professional models.


Reorder Prices (remember: no obligation to buy anything)

Digital images retouched for online use on sites such as acting site Spotlight, the junior section of actor and model site Mandy, on Purpleport*, Model Kartei*, Bookfoto*, Focale31* etc. or for online professional profiles are charged as below.

*The minimum age for most of these sites is 16, or sometimes 14. There is no minimum age for Spotlight or Mandy.

Remember, you are under no obligation to purchase photos as part of this offer.

Up to five digital photos: €90 / c. £75;
Digital photos from 6 to 10: €12 / c. £10 for each;
...and the price per image keeps falling. (No, I don't think you'll need that much).​

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