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Rates (excluding special offers)

Location photography fees, and in house lifestyle product photography fees:
1. Shoot fees
All work of these types is charged on a time-cost basis:
  • For location portrait photography, estate and lettings agency photography, on-site interior design photography, location vehicle photography and property damage for insurance claims the minimum booking is for one hour: 99 €;
  • For all other work the minimum booking is for two hours: 198 € + travel over 50 km round trip;
  • The hourly rate reduces from the third hour:
    • Third hour - 80 €;​
    • Fourth hour and beyond - 60 € per hour;
    • Six hour day - 410 €;
    • Per six-hour day, minimum three day commission - 370 € per day.
  • Standard post-production Photoshop work - see below.
2. Standard extras

Make-up and styling: 40 - 100 Euros ph dependent on level of difficulty.
Model fees depend on specific requirements p.o.a.
Advanced Photoshop work: p.o.a.
Purchase / provision / hire of bespoke equipment, sets and accessories: cost + 30% to cover admin.
Child Employment Licences (applies to any UK resident child Year 11 or younger employed as a fee-earning model for any form of commercial employment): the licence is free, and the studio charges a 30 Euros documentation fee per application.  There is no licence for French resident children but in both cases a chaperone is required for under 18 models and a fee may be chargeable.
The studio proprietor owns a classic TVR Chimaera sports car in racing green, and when you book the photographer to undertake work in the above categories, the car is made available as a prop free of charge, subject to availability.  This includes, but is not limited to, film and video production, prom events and similar.  The only exceptions are that the car is not available to be driven over larger speed humps, cannot enter Emissions Control Zones, (France Crit'Air), and cannot be driven over grass in prolonged dry weather because of the very low-slung exhaust system.
3. Reorder prices
Standard Photoshop editing of up to twenty images per hour's shooting - free of charge
Standard Photoshop editing of additional images, i.e. over and above twenty per hour's shooting - 3.60 Euros / c. £3 each per image, (ghost mannequin add 30%)

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