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Professional services supporting award-winning photography

Looks so good, you have to ask, is it real?

When the images come out of the camera the job is only half done.  Sometimes it is as simple as taking a slightly grey background and turning it white ... because that is what sites like Amazon, and my clients like Smart Games, Innogadgets, Specscart and K9 Connectibles, demand.


That work is usually undertaken in house, but sometimes passed to one of several support teams that I use.

I also offer HDR merging, multiple exposure, green screen background removal, and virtual tour stage 1 editing in house too.  Stage 2 is passed to a specialist agency nowadays based in Italy.  In addition I shoot and edit over 1,000 images per month for the largest "spot-the-ball" website in the Arabic-speaking world, (and, no, I won't tell you where the ball was).  Much of that is handled by me myself.

But sometimes it goes a lot further than that, and I call upon specialist service providers to turn fact into fantasy, and dull cloudy days into warm sunshine.

Alex Amadeo is based in the Ukraine and specialises in sunny vistas created from dull, dank weather. (Images 21 - 23)

Davide Sutru is a young artist, based in Italy, who turns studio fashion shots into fantasy landscapes and skyscapes. (Image 20)

Diana Buidoso, from Romania, is one of the most highly rated digital artists in the world on the Deviant Art website, and I am delighted that, where you are seeking the ultimate, her precise and incredible artistic work is available to you and me. (Images 18 and 19)

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All other images (1 - 17 and 24) - post-production Barney Douglas

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