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Professional services supporting award-winning photography

Virtual tours became popular when Google extended Street View to See Inside.  The sample virtual tours of Felpham Leisure Centre, Mewsbrook Park Cafe and Bognor Regis High Street shown here were photographed by the studio's proprietor, and assembled by Peter Shishkov, who was a member Google's original See Inside development team.

The one in Bognor Regis High Street deliberately blurred moving pedestrians.

Virtual tours to that same standard are available for the architectural and interior design industries, and to the estate agency and lettings market.

Felpham Leisure Centre
left: main training room - right: dance studio
(Note: no camera or photographer visible in the mirror)
Mewsbrook Park Cafe for V4 Media / Chace Catering
Bognor Regis High Street for Green Blue Urban Irrigation Services

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I also offer something that is (as far as I know ... and I have checked), unique.


I offer multi-exposure virtual tours designed specifically for the fashion advertising and modelling industries.

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