Do you know someone who has paid hundreds of pounds for a model portfolio only to find that the agency they thought they were joining was not an agency at all?
Were they told words to the effect of, "You'll be perfect for our clients"?

Did they insist you use their own (very expensive) photographer?


If the answer to any of those questions was "Yes" then here is some good news.

HL-Studio does not charge you for a one hour test session to find out if you or your child has potential as a model, (but we will ask you to pay for the make-up artiste's time if you choose to make use of his or her services.  After all, we have to pay him/her.)

You'll get an honest appraisal of your potential, guidance as to where you might fit in to the industry's current requirements, proof copies of the photos I take, (watermarked, not for publication), and we'll answer all your questions to the best of our ability.

For over thirty five years the proprietor has helped models seeking places with major agencies, but please understand that there are no promises.  Having said that, we won't lie to you, and we won't rip you off.


And even if you don't make it into a major agency, as a member of several of the biggest freelance modelling portals in the world, we will show you how to go down that path.

There will be no false promises, no guarantees, no smart one-liners, no claims we can't justify ... and no pressure to buy anything.

Good model agencies make money for you, not from you, and we are no different.

Over 700 references, all positive, from clients and sub-contractors worldwide and from industry colleagues.  DBS checked.  Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Authorised as a headshot provider on the Mandy Network and on Spotlight.

Complete the form below with no obligation to find out where the journey might take you.

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