Teens' free prom photo-shoot offer

Did your son or daughter miss out on their 2020 or 2021 prom?

Whilst we can't recreate the whole prom, something really special could be created for your teens - a professional prom dress photo shoot which is totally free of charge.  Plus there are two extra totally free bonuses available too.  To find out all the details, simply complete the form below.

Thank you  to models form Sussex Youth Theatre for their support.

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Booking spaces available Saturdays and after school Tuesday to Friday.  We will phone you when you contact us from our mobile number - 07986 183948.

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The detailed offer:
  • A free one-hour photo shoot in the studio;
  • If you don't like the photos, you can walk away without paying one penny.  You don't have to purchase anything at all.  Remember the photo shoot is FREE*;
  • There's an extra on offer that really only applies to teens, but in fairness, that's also available for other age groups in the right circumstances.  Complete the form and you'll find out all the details; 
  • And there's more, and this really can only apply to teens or those a little older, because here in the studio we have over 100 prom dresses and suits available, sizes 4 - 22 for the girls and a range of suits for the boys;
  • You'll get to see all the photos taken in proof format, and, if you do decide you might want some edited and printed, they are available at very competitive rates;
  • For studio shots,  your son or daughter can be placed on a selection of backgrounds in the computer, simulating not just a school prom but even the destination of their choice; indeed, all bar two of the photos above were shot on a plain backdrop and the background was added afterwards, like the samples shown below;
  • Please note that this studio offer will be unavailable from 11 December 2021 until April 2022, and then will relocate to Horsham.
After the shoot: (remember: no obligation to purchase anything at all)
You may order edited images which are available to be supplied in print sizes from 8" x 6" (20 x 15 cm in a presentation folder), up to large framed photos and wall art in a wide variety of sizes and finishes including traditional canvas to ultra-modern aluminium at prices well below many other professional studios elsewhere.  Please ask if you would like a copy of the reorder price list before you come in.  If not it will be supplied when you receive your proofs.
Plain white background
You may also order professionally finished digital images for your teens to use on social media.
Remember you are under absolutely no obligation at all to purchase any photos on this offer.
Studio background digital images for social media, fully edited:
  • Up to five images: £75 (fixed price);
  • Images 6 - 10: £10 each;
  • ... and the price per image keeps going down.  (No, we don't think you'll need that many)
Add £15 per each different inserted background image ordered with a scenic / architectural etc background, edited and inserted behind the studio photo of your son or daughter.
All available printed photo prices are in the price list which can be sent to you through email or Messenger.
How to book:
Simply complete the message form above to get started.