Rates (excluding special offers)

Photo shoots with human or animal subjects undertaken in the studio
1. Sitting fees (when there is no current special offer)
Family, pet and boudoir portraiture, commercial portraiture, actors', dancers' and models' head shots and portfolios:
  • £39.50 for half an hour (minimum booking at the studio); or
  • £79.00 for one hour (minimum booking on location including visiting clients' homes).
  • However, place any order for edited photos of a value above the sitting fee, and the sitting fee is waived.
  • Price list for reorder prints, framing etc will be supplied to everyone making an enquiry for this type of work - see reorder rates for images in digital format below.
  • Standard post-production Photoshop work is included in normal reorder prices.
  • The photographer's travel costs over a thirty mile round trip from his base.
2. Standard extras

That apart you pay ONLY for additional time and ancillary services such as make-up artiste, advanced post-production Photoshop, and the finished images.  Reorder discounts apply dependent on the quantity of the finished images required and the complexity of the work involved.
We can also supply professional commercial models for advertising work covering fashion and product photography and range of other services.  Please note that, where a model is a child Year 11 or younger employed for fee-earning commercial work, then we are legally obliged to obtain a licence from the Local Education Authority, which is itself free, although we charge a £20 documentation fee to arrange per licence application.
As a guide only:
Additional time on portraiture and portfolio sessions over and above the minimum: £39.50 per thirty minutes or part thereof
Make-up and styling: £30 ph - £80 ph dependent on level of difficulty.
Model fees depend on specific requirements.
Advanced Photoshop work: p.o.a.
Purchase / provision / hire of bespoke equipment, sets and accessories: cost + 15% to cover admin
3. Reorder prices
Edited images supplied in digital format for online use on sites such as Spotlight, Mandy, Purpleport etc, or for clients' own websites, social media or professional online profiles such as on Linkedin (per finished image) are charged as below.
Reorder prices for digital images for online use are either the sitting fee if greater than the reorder prices, or the reorder prices as follows
  • Up to five images: £75
  • Images 6 - 10: £10 each;
  • Images 11 - 25: £8 each;
  • Images 26 - 50: £6 each;
  • Images 51 - 100: £5 each;
  • Images 101 - 250: £4 each;
  • Images 251 and onwards: £3 each.