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The General Data Protection Directive:


All parts of the business which includes HL-Studio and BDFoto are legally required to declare the purpose of retention of any data held on its clients w.e.f. 25 May 2018.


HL-Studio, which is part of the Independent Business Development Consultancy, normally retains only such information it is required to do for the purposes of managing its business and financial affairs, and in particular for those purposes is normally limited to clients' and sub-contractors' names and business names (if different), relevant full postal addresses, registered offices (if different) for limited liability entities, email addresses, telephone numbers and such other contact details as the client or sub-contractor provides for the purpose of business contact.


Where IBUDEC makes payments or refunds to such clients or sub-contractors, IBUDEC shall retain essential details solely within the password protected facilities provided by IBUDEC's bankers, but nowhere else.

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