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Are you looking for eye-catching professional fitness or dance photography?


By kind permission of the management of Deal Castle - 2011 calendar series,

© 2010 Barney Douglas

Fitness and
dance photography
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Images, right, for So Fly International (USA and Slovenia) and for Reynolds Performing Arts (UK) © 2017 and 2010 Barney Douglas


Few photographers can claim experience as dancers, and fewer still can claim to have trained in classical ballet, amongst several other disciplines.  I can go one further than that; my mother was a founder member (in 1930) and Life Fellow of the British Ballet Organisation.  I still speak "ballet".

Dance and fitness photography at this level is a rarity.

There is no charge for the photo shoot time for professional pack-shot, flat lay, ghost mannequin or studio portrait and  portfolio photography undertaken at a studio.  You pay only for the fully edited images you need.  Location photography is charged on a time-cost basis plus expenses.

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