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As at 1 September 2020 Barney Douglas and Hangleton Lane studio had over 700 references, all positive, from clients, industry co-workers and sub-contractors, with those clients' outlets spread over more than seventy countries on five of the six continents.  Only South America remains to be conquered.

Our most valuable individual client is from Bahrain and the greatest revenue from outside the UK has been derived from Australia, USA, China and Bahrain.

What is particularly surprising is that this studio has undertaken fashion and commercial advertising work for clients from Mexico, India, Malaysia, Singapore and China, countries where you might normally expect them to undertake the work there within a marketplace that, generally speaking, offers lower fees than in the UK.

And just a word about Brexit.  Am I worried?  No ... and I never have been.  Am I prepared?  Yes ... and I was before the whole idea started rolling.

This photographer and this studio will continue to serve clients locally, across the UK, inside the EU and worldwide ... when Brexit is a distant memory.

Clients (UK)
Smart Games
Cotswold Glass
Gem Creations
Crazy Sand
Date Night Pleasure
Hair My Words
Stay Beyond
Velvet Love
Bluefin Hoverboards
Sveta Eyre Jewellery
Black Beauty & Hair
Channel 4 Television
Exposure 2000
Imageproof (on behalf of  Aviva Insurance amongst  many others)
Used Kitchen Exchange
Woods Coaches
Chace Catering
Blue Green Irrigation
The Scooter Warehouse
Arun Cars
Dalila's Kaftans
Velvet Birdcage
Kinky Provocateur
Designed to Dazzle
Inspire Leisure
Thirty Inch Railways
Steven Burton, author
... & over  300 photographers, designers, make-up artistes, stylists and other industry professionals who have hired the services and facilities of or worked with Hangleton Lane Studio
Clients (non-UK)
Innogadgets (Germany)
Pic Booster (Finland)
Gleemium (Australia)
Nico Lee hair braids (China)
Dinesh Lingerie: (India)
Spikey's Travels: (Czech Rep)
Kremke Knitwear: (Germany)
Therapeasy (USA)
Keneto (Canada)
Adriancatsdos (Mexico)
Distinct Pro (Bahrain)
So Fly International (USA)
Kraus Trading (Austria)
OSS Clothing (USA)
K9 Connectibles (Ireland)
Backpackers World (Australia)
Curriculum Kids (Australia)
Yaronmatzuva (Israel)
STCW (Switzerland)
Avatoy Media (USA)
Two Rascals (New Zealand)
Adams Gear (USA)
Ultra Screen Doors (China)
Nicole Talbot (Australia)
Will Brice (USA)
Nik's Lifestyle (India)
Abhian VG (USA)
Tatying (Hong Kong)
Presets Galore (USA)
Vigilant Solutions (USA)
Living Research (Italy)
MD Textiles (Malaysia)
Body Shape Design (Germany & Saudi Arabia)
These lists are far from being exhaustive., and represent only a sample of clients  over recent years.
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